Yoga Nidra is the practice of conscious sleep, where the mind stays awake and aware but the body sleeps.  Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness where we can gain awareness of our subtle energy body. The more time we spend in this state of awareness the more skilled we can become in influencing the subtle energy body including the mind. When the body is deeply relaxed and the mind is awakened we are aware of the witness.  In this awareness of the witness, we know we are more than our physical form and we are connected to our highest form Self.  In a heightened state of awareness we are able to be conscious creators.  Meditation allows the brain frequency to slow from a fast beta cycle to a slower alpha wave length, this is the doorway into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the operating system or the hard drive we run from instinctively.  It is very suggestible and open to all information. In a relaxed but conscious state of being we have the opportunity to see, hear and feel what the body is communicating to us for our own healing.  In this very potent space we can plant an intention for our own self evolution.  This intention is called Sankalpa in the practice of  Yoga Nidra, it is a powerful statement of resolve to the self in a heightened state of consciousness. In this state we are aware of our own awareness and we have direct access to update the programs we operate from.  We are awakened through sleep, so that we can be conscious creators. 

In the practice of Yoga Nidra we prepare the energy field to ascend in consciousness.  The frequency of etheric crystal vibration enables us to explore transcendent states of being.  Where we can be in complete receivership, accepting information intuitively.  By journeying into the energy and frequency of crystal sound we tap into the matrix of consciousness.  We have access to other dimensions of reality, experiencing worlds within our world. Downloading or channeling information from higher planes of existence is very possible and real. Here we can be totally open to the energy field of the mind and all of our abilities.  Awakening to our highest potential in the quantum field of energy.  We can connect to the deepest layers of the self, remembering who we really are and all of our sacred gifts we hold within. 

The accompaniment of crystal frequency amplifies our energy into the quantum fields for manifestation.

This session will include plant alchemy to deepen your journey and connection to plant wisdom.  

90 minute offering $120.00