Wisdom Seeker - Sound Light Worker - Guide to the Invisible

I am a sound light worker and meditation guide with a passion for the study of consciousness, energy and all things mystical.  My offerings are layered in intention through alchemy crystal sound frequency, meditation and plant wisdom. This body of work was born from a journey into the unknown, for a deep awakening that has inspired my teaching and offerings. I hold space for my students to know the Self and all of their human potential. I have spent countless hours tracking time in no time to understand the many dimensions of reality.  I hold advanced knowledge in the practice of yoga nidra & limiting beliefs, supporting the work that I offer and my commitment to the path of enlightenment and sharing of ancient wisdom teachings. 

As a certified aromatherapist of 25 years, I work with plant knowledge to raise consciousness and connection to universal field of energy.  I continue my studies of energy through sound frequency of alchemy crystal and tibetan bowls.