Offerings and Schedule


I AM a Conscious Creator Series

An offering of etheric crystal sound, meditation & plant alchemy.

This will be a series of 6 sessions . Each offering will include a gift of a Flower Elixir, that has been made with love by my collection of alchemy crystal bowls, flowers from my garden and solarization of the SUN. To be use in our time together and to continue this good work on your own from home. A new energy to be experienced in each session, through plant alchemy, sonic crystal vibration and meditation. 

sessions will be held in the energy of the full moon.

December 22nd @ 7 - 9 PM

January 19th @ 7 - 9 PM

FEBURARY 24th @ 1 - 3 PM

April 18th @ 11AM - 1 PM

May 16th @ 11 AM - 1 PM

$40 per session

Stay tuned for upcoming dates

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All offerings are held at Studio Scent Sound Soul 💓

This is an intimate space, to hold our vibration in the highest way.

Sound Sanctuary
June 27th 💫
9am - 5pm

Calling in all Conscious Creators to a one day retreat held in the heart of Bragg Creek ❤ @theheartofbraggcreek

Releasing the final Flower Elixir of the I AM a Conscious Creator Series.
A full day of energy practice,qigong, sound, yoga nidra meditation.

morning nourishment, lunch & treats provided by the ❤ cafe.

I am honored to co-create sacred space with Catherine Nelson Reid and share her beautiful teachings with you.

The day will include a gift of a Flower Elixir to take home.


Shanti Vibrational Healing with Catherine Nelson-Reid & Nicole Nicholson  

Sunday March 10th 7-9pm

Sunday May 5th 6:30-8:30PM

Sunday June 30th 6:30-8:30PM 

The Yoga Shala


In this practice you will be guided by the sound and frequency of alchemy crystal bowls to be in a state of receivership.  Allowing sound vibration to deepen meditative space that will be created through pranayamA (breath work) and (guided) relaxation. Sound will increase coherency within the mind and body, this will allow you to be in a creative brain state, one of limitless perception.  When the brain and the body function as a whole we are able to connect deeply within, to receive from intelligence of the high Self.  We can amplify our intentions when we are energetically aligned and connected back to the whole.  Alchemy crystal bowls are tools of sound and frequency to deliver us to a heightened state of consciousness.   You will be receiving the sound of the bowls un interrupted for a large portion of the practice. You will be guided through breath work and into a deep relaxed state , then the vibration and the frequencies of the bowls will take over. We will finish a seated  heart coherence meditation.