Plant wisdom for the soul

The method I use to discover the plant wisdom for your growth is through meditation, intuition and a deep understanding of the plants themselves.  I am simply the channel for this information to come through.  It is your energy that is pulling in the medicine needed for this journey. Plants have an energy field and therefore vibrate at various frequencies, as do we as individuals. Your energetic match will come into guide you for the shifts that you are making in this present moment of time.  

Plants have intelligence and the potential to shift our state of consciousness.  They are powerful sentient beings that we are in fact deeply connected to.  The only boundaries set are that which our minds are open or closed to.  You are interconnected to every living thing.  If we can open our perceptions to take in the subtle energy of plant knowledge, we may experience the many dimensions of reality they offer.  There are worlds within our world, in bans of energy and layers of frequency.  The energetic combination of the plants and the crystal bowls has the potential to open us to portals, which we cannot always see in a wakeful state.

I will provide you with the meaning and purpose of your plant medicine that comes in for your healing. You will be given this to take this home to spend time with and to learn the subtle language of these sentient beings, so you may experience the alchemy of your plant wisdom. A very powerful way to use your pant knowledge is during a meditation practice and in your dream space at night.  This will allow the plant to communicate it's subtle language to your innate intelligence in very sacred space. 

You already have all these gifts; you are simply opening to a new level of consciousness.  To know you are everything you seek, you hold the answers and the key to every locked door.  Plants have the ability to guiding us through the transitions of life, allowing all of our beauty unfold to our true nature. 

An alchemy crystal sound meditation is the integration piece of this treatment. Allowing you to journey deep into meditation, to receive messages from plant wisdom for your healing. 

This treatment will include a custom blend of plant knowledge for you to take home.  I work with etheric quality essential oils that are wildcraft or organic, as well as hydrosols and plants and flowers from my garden when available.  


90 minute offering $ 120.00  


Kismet Connection

 As an aromatherapist with over 20 years of knowledge, I have a deep understanding of each plant species and their personal qualities that they hold as an individual.  I have come to know which particular plant best reflects your personality, it is a kismet connection to plant spirit.  My experiences and an intuitive understanding of the plants have taught me that a certain psyche – matching takes place.  The characteristics of a plant will match particular personalities types in people.  We are all energy and vibration, this offering is about finding your “like” energy in plant form. It is a kismet experience to find your plant connection. This information can be used as a guide or a map into your life questions about yourself.  You can apply these insights gained to situations in your present life, and it is helpful to look back at past events to piece the picture together, as a whole. 

As we evolve and change in our daily lives and personalities we may need additional essential oils to help bring us into balance and harmony within.  At the root you will remain the same, but you may need other plant energies to assist you at certain times in your life.  Nothing is ever still or the same, we change from moment to moment and require new energy to assist and balance us in our lives.  It is the same in the aromatherapy, the energetic plant world; we know as essential oils. 

 Plants are more than just beauty and scent, they have the ability bring to us both physical and emotional wellbeing.  They connect us with the greater whole, the spiritual dimension, and a deeper understanding of our universal self.

An alchemy crystal sound session is the integration piece of this treatment, allowing you to journey with your plant wisdom.  The crystal bowls allow you to journey deep into meditation and to receive messages from the heart for your own healing. 

This treatment will include a full write up of your plant connection, and a custom blend of plant alchemy to take home with you. 


90 minute offering $120.00