The Alchemy of Love

Over the years my collection has expanded to six alchemy crystal bowls, a pure crystal quartz lyre and Tibetan bowls. The new energies are called in when life shifts and changes. Each sonic instrument adds to the Alchemy of Love, the resonance grows stronger and more powerful as they weave their frequencies together. I also weave in tuning forks to open group consciousness to a higher frequency and on the body in private sessions. 

There are many layers to sound meditation. It is powerful for shifting states of consciousness, opening us to spatial awareness and tuning us into all that which we are apart of. This is the space we can be creators, because yes the mind is a powerful tool. We are just beginning to learn how to use all parts of our brain and understanding the human energy filed is apart of our consciousness. 

The gift of sound meditation is very attainable for anyone with an open mind; frequency is something that you already are. Your body and mind inherently know this, it is not a cognitive function we need to learn or even understand to receive the benefits from. 

Most people will experience deep and profound relaxation from sound vibration, some say it's like coming home to them selves.


Aura Aqua Gold - B * Crown Chakra *

This powerful gold alchemy crystal bowl assists the overly analytical mind as it transmutes blockages that cause disharmony within. Very connected to the spiritual plane this energy quickly entrains the auric fields for shifting and cleansing. With its wonderful yang energy it acts as an alignment activator for manifestation of intentions. Gold is a healer’s tool as well as an element of the heart, used to awaken Anahata chakra the seat of the Soul. All upper chakra's are activated and cleared with this divine healing source.

This Aura Aqua Gold Alchemy Crystal Bowl was inscribed with Arcturian Light Language. Channelled by the beautiful soul Yantara Jiro. This was a powerful energetic offering of channelling & activation gifted to this crystal bowl to enhance its already profound knowledge.


Pink Aura Gold - G  * Throat Chakra *

A high frequency of love resonates from this Alchemy Crystal Bowl. The radiant healing energy of gold awakens the heart, delivering unconditional and courageous love. This bowl is a channel for the energy of Mary Magdalene to come through in frequency. The note she sings is G activating the Throat Chakra within Etheric template of the human energy field. A powerful portal in the energy system for communication between the heart and the mind. There are so many layers of intelligence I could share about this one instrument of resonance, but it's better understood through frequency. Sound is energy in motion and its something the body inherently understands, it's within us already.


Grandmother Bowl – D #  * Sacral Chakra *

Every grandmother's love and care is represented in this beautiful alchemy crystal energy. Pure Crystal Quartz & Copper fused together. We honour her feminine energy and Goddess power as she reclaims her place on this Earthly plane. She embraces the Souls ageless feminine wisdom, with spiralling DNA of creation and birth. She is GAIA energy, aligned with the graceful strength and dreamtime m a g i c of Shamanic Swan. Always at home in her body as it is a source of divine wisdom. This beauty has expansive energy that connects creative womb space with the purity of the heart, as it stimulates 3rd eye inner vision and intuitive wisdom. I feel a deep connection to my guides with this magnificent energy. This is considered a Rainbow Gateway Bowl.


Laughing Buddha - 24K Ocean Gold - E  * Solar Plexus *

Double Alchemy Crystal Bowl. This energy can be shared in 3 parts: Laughing Buddha is the energy of love & compassion, the teachings of Eastern Philosophy. This frequency encourages relaxation and a sense of letting go, so that divine energy may flow ~ bringing prosperity, peace and wisdom. 24 K Ocean Gold draws on Neptunian Pearl energies ~ a water element that travels in wave like form ~ Dolphin Essence. Encouraging loving communication through the throat chakra ~ the Voice of One, promoting shared leadership and community. Gold is a powerful activator for the Thymus Gland & stimulates a healthy function of the immune system. Its YANG frequency and water element create love, balance and Self Realization. Also attuning us to nature's healing forces. Gold is a remarkable sonic tool for mastering the art of Flow. The vibration of E Increases energy flow to the Solar Plexus - igniting inner fire - personal will. Allowing for personal growth and an experience of the expansive Self. This is a brief summary of the energy of this beautiful alchemy crystal bowl. An energy to be experienced IN vibration.


Yagna Note – F #  * Heart Chakra *

This one's subtle beauty caught my eye then I played her and oh my heart.... the energy between us was sealed. The resonance of Yagna is heart consciousness.  It contains the sacred ashes from Yagna ceremonies across the world & they have been infused into pure crystal quartz crystal. It holds the offerings of many of thousands of mantra to the Gods & Goddesses of ancient India. The ashes from these sacred fires carry the frequencies of blessings and prayers. This energy is transmitted through sound vibration ~ assisting in the absorption of higher truth and wisdom. Heart Consciousness. The energy is sealed.  As is above so is below.


Mother of Platinum - Pink Ocean Gold - C * Root Chakra *

This alchemy crystal bowl emanates the energy of love with the nurturing vibration of water element. This powerful Goddess energy assists individuals working through deeply held emotional issues, while offering the steady grounding energy of Earth. She sings to the power within the heart offering compassion and courage. The alchemy in this pure crystal bowl is gold & platinum. Creating healing for the heart and delivering powerful manifestation of intentions.  Platinum is a very high frequency that travels the energetic cord of the body, spiralling its sonic sound waves around our human energy field ascending us very rapidly.


Crystal Quartz Lyre – All Chakra’s within and outside of the body

This beauty opens us to Celestial energy, which oscillates at the high frequency of light it's self. This sound frequency has the ability to open the portal of the outer body chakra's as well as weaving it's magic throughout the physical energy body. We can travel on the sound waves out of this space & time continuum, to the matrix of consciousness.
If your open to energy as you travel the Etheric Plane, a channelling of information from "the library of light" ~ Akaskic Records is very really and possible. 

The sound wave that the crystal lyre creates is high in celestial frequency, quite angelic indeed. The resonance of crystal sound guides us to distant realms. As the veil thins and fades we may take this opportunity to connect with spirit and travel in anyway we wish.


Vibration as Sound & Light

If a frequency is vibrating fast enough, it’s emitted as a sound and if it is vibrating much faster, it is emitted as light.  If we wanted to convert sound to light, we would simply raise its frequency by forty octaves.  This results in a vibration in the trillions of cycles per second.  So, if a pianist could play a key way above the eighty-eight keys that exist on a piano, that key would produce light.  This could create a chord of light in the same way chord of sound is created. We would see sound as colours of light because it would be moving at the speed of light. The frequency of the pure crystal quartz lyre is a powerful activator of sound and light.


Tibetan bowls

I have Tibetan bowls in my collection of sound tools for their wonderful ability to ground people.  The ancient metals also carry forth deep wisdom and Earth energies.  In a private session I like to lay them on the body after an Alchemy Crystal Sound session for my clients to receive these gifts directly into the dense layers of the physical body.  Alchemy Crystal energies are very etheric and the body must be grounded to close the energy field properly. 


Tuning Forks

Angel Tuners

Enhance your connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration, assisting in opening gateways for spiritual insight.

Om Tuner #136.1

Achieves a state of deep relaxation in seconds with the primordial vibration of "Om"

Body Tuners C 256 & G 384

The body tuners are the most powerful tuning fork combination. The C and G tuners create a "perfect fifth" and open the gateway for healing and higher consciousness. Listening to the two different tones, your brain makes one tone, bringing your whole nervous system to balance and integrating your mind and body. Within 30 seconds you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation, which would take you 45 minutes to reach through meditation.