This product has been lovingly crafted for the last 15 years, as a creation from the heart.  It is made with gentle care in small boutique batches.  Sourcing organic seasonal fruit, adding the alchemy of etheric quality essential oils.

The inspiration came to me quite naturally, I intuitively knew what would pair well together and my 20 years of aromatherapy knowledge was a solid base to stand on.  I consider this jam high vibrational food.  Plant energy is knowledge for our body and our minds.  It is my wish to share this with others now.  

All plants have an energy field, they speak a language of their own.  The subtle energies of a plant can influence every part of our being.  Plants are wisdom, light and energy.  They are gifts from mother nature to be loved and treasured.   

Each one of these magical creations will resonate with your energy in a personal and powerful way. 

Peach & Cardamom

The land of dreams and memories meet with Peach and Cardamom.  Singing their merry blend of wisdom, awakening you to the bounty and beauty of your true nature within.    


Blueberry & Jasmine

Deep dark blue like the nights sky.  Blueberries blended with the jewelled light of Jasmine illuminate the soul.  Embracing your spirit and lending divine inspiration; for a simple knowing of all that is.


Raspberry & Ylang Ylang

Lazy summer days may be gone, but not forgotten with bountiful Raspberry energy and sensual Ylang Ylang.  Gently awakening the senses, so that your spirit may soar with calm and ease.  


Blackberry & Cocoa 

If we could taste starlight and moon dust it would be as magical as this creation.  Tantalizing your taste buds like a dance with the Gods of our galaxies and beyond...


Strawberry & Rose

Align with the angelic realm of sweet Strawberry and mystical Rose.  The queen of the florals and the symbol for the soul.  Rose is the most precious of all heavenly scents.  Love and nourish the power source of your being with this sacred blend.  

Chokecherry & Lavender 

Magenta in color and vibration, balancing both spirit and matter to create a sense of wholeness within. Gentle whispers to nurture and nourish with the gifts of Lavender. This is a special small batch, hand picked from 4th generation family land. A place and people that I cherish. Gifts of Mother Nature, from my hands to your heart.


A blend of Blackberry & Cocoa ~ Blueberry & Jasmine.  A cosmic experience into the ethers of other worlds, where there is no space and no time but an endless shape of existence.  Allowing you to dissolve back into the timeless essence you have always been.  


Sweet Concord Grape calls in abundance, opening you to the bountiful energy universe

provides to shift us into new states of being. While exotic Ylang Ylang invites you to

soften into change and receive your gifts with ease.


Expand with the vibrant radiant energy of Sour Cherry as Rose Geranium serenely

attunes you to the magic and divinity of flow. Dialing into the inner realms of Self to

create equilibrium & harmony within.


Saskatoon berries hold seeds of knowledge and wisdom of our land, powerful protectors

of healing violet light. Star Anise weaves in its abilities to amplify your inner senses and

intuitive nature. Shifting your energy to explore new paradigms.

Another wildcraft batch, hand gathered by my family high in the mountains. A place we go to wanderlust, where veil is thin and magic exists.


The magic of dark lush Black Cherry is as undeniable as mama moon in the sky. Soft

warm Vanilla Bean allows you to gently unfold, experiencing all layers of your beauty.

Exquisite cocoa stimulates the riches of your creative heart.


Please email me at nicolenicholson16@gmail.com for more information.