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Flower Elixirs

I am a conscious creator Flower Elixirs are flower essences, with a unique energetic component of alchemy crystal within them. Flower essences are beautiful gifts from Mother Nature for those who desire to experience the spiritual essence and energy of a plant. All matter is a form of energy, so treating our energetic nature can ultimately heal on the material level. While these high-vibration remedies are subtle, the changes that unfold can be profound. Flower essences are considered homeopathic medicines that carry the subtle vibration of individual flowers for emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing.

In creating a flower essence the vibrational message of a flower transmitted to water by solarization.  The water memorizes the vibrational resonance of the flower.  The flower essences I have created are multi dimensional in their energy with the unique gift of being created in alchemy crystal. The information of the crystal bowl is also transferred through the water medium. Thus I have named this creation a Flower Elixir, as there are many components to this remedy that lend their wisdom for healing on many levels.

Rocky mountain spring water is collected by hand for this creation.  Using a pure water source is a very important step in this creation. The water used is spring fed from the Earth and an offering is given each time it is taken. Water is a recorder of frequency; it takes an impression of all things around it, connecting systems together.  Water is a very sensitive energy field that can be affected by the subtlest of vibration; it absorbs frequency and holds memory. Its important to remember the human body is almost 80% water.  For this reason our bodies respond to water frequency as well as the environment it’s in.  Humans are recorders of frequency!   

At times we need to be reminded that we as humans are intimately connected to all forms of life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience on this earthly plane.  In this existence we are apart of the whole and not separate from our eco system. The plant kingdom highly conscious and vastly intelligent.  Plants are powerful transmitters of information. They are connected to the healing source of earth, the light of the cosmo’s and information from the sun.

The ancient people of our world crafted flower remedies long before western culture. I believe we are having a remembrance of our healing wisdom from these times.  The lost civilization of Atlantis and Egyptian priestesses of alchemy in temple of Dendera, all used plant wisdom for healing. We are in a time where the veil is thinning; the ability access to this information is available if you are open and ready to receive.

Using flower elixir’s during meditation or in dreamtime can open unseen portals within our world, connecting us to our own spirit and to the higher realms beyond.  We are deeply connected to the plant kingdom and all forms of life including light Beings.  Nature’s gifts are an intelligence that we innately understand. Let this be a time of gentle awaking, to remember your gifts and trust the path that waits you. 

I have personally encoded each Elixir to serve your highest and best.  It's equally important for you to download your intention to your Flower Elixir.  Think of this energy as a reset button, and new code for you to receive from high mind.  Hold it in between your palms as you transfer the information and then tap it 3 times in your open palm.  As above, so below and it is done. 

Please use this remedy with the guidance of your own intuition, always “ask” what is for your highest and best. I suggest using the Elixir before meditation and at bedtime.  The amount of drops can change day-to-day, time-to-time.  Very little is needed, as this energy is potent. You can add drops to your water or drops can be taken on or under the tongue.   Another lovely way to receive this energy is a few drops in your bath; remember water is a transmitter of frequency. This will amplify the frequency, so again only a few drops are required.



Mother of Platinum ~ Pink Ocean Gold Alchemy Crystal Bowl ~ Note of C, Root Chakra

This alchemy crystal bowl emanates the energy of love with the nurturing vibration of water element. This powerful Goddess energy assists individuals working through deeply held emotional issues, while offering the steady grounding energy of Earth. She sings to the power within the heart offering compassion and courage. The alchemy in this pure crystal bowl is gold & platinum. Creating healing for the heart and delivering powerful manifestation of intentions.  Platinum is a very high frequency that travels the energetic cord of the body, spiralling its sonic sound waves around our human energy field ascending us very rapidly.

The vibrational energy of Pink Peony flower lends us the ability to perceive subtle energies.  Allowing one to connect deeply within to sense their true nature and enhancing awareness to life’s purpose. Pink Peony restores unconditional love for the self, supporting transformation of the soul.  This flower was grown in my garden with love and given back to the earth she came from after her service to this creation.

Feminine Wisdom

Grandmother Alchemy Crystal Bowl ~ Note of D# Sacral Chakra
Grandmother's love and care is the sonic frequency of this beautiful alchemy crystal energy of quartz & cooper fusion. This energy guides all women to honour their feminine attributes of Goddess power as we reclaim our place on this earthly plane as healing leaders. This frequency opens a portal into the souls ageless feminine wisdom, within spiralling DNA of creation and birth. This GAIA energy is aligned with the graceful strength and dream time m a g i c of Shamanic Swan...A place where we are always at home in our body as it is a source of divine wisdom. 
Grandmother alchemy has expansive energy that connects creative womb space with the purity of the heart, as it stimulates 3rd eye inner vision and intuitive wisdom. This very special energy is called a rainbow gateway bowl.

White Peony offers an umbilical connection to the sacred feminine within. Awakening the arising Goddess, lending its many layers of knowledge of the divine feminine.
Orange Dahlia assists in the transmutation of emotional energies accumulated from this life time and past. These flowers were grown in my garden with love and then given back to the earth they came from after their service to this creation.

Personal Power
Laughing Buddha ~ 24K Ocean Gold Alchemy Crystal Bowl - Note of E 
This is a beautiful crystal alchemy can be shared in 3 parts. ☆ Laughing Buddha is the energy of love & compassion, the teachings of Eastern Philosophy. This frequency encourages relaxation and a sense of letting go, so that divine energy may flow ~ bringing prosperity, peace and wisdom. ☆ 24 K Ocean Gold draws on Neptunian Pearl energies ~ water element that travels in wave like form ~ Dolphin Essence. Encouraging loving communication through the throat chakra ~ the Voice of One, promoting shared leadership and community. Gold is a powerful activator for the Thymus Gland & stimulates a healthy function of the immune system. It's yang frequency and water element create love, balance and Self Realization. Also attuning us to nature's healing forces. Gold is a remarkable sonic tool for Mastering the art of Flow. ☆ The vibration of E increases energy flow to the Solar Plexus - igniting inner fire - personal will. Allowing for personal growth and an experience of the expansive Self.

Lavender gives the gift of nurturing. It's frequency is the powerful healing ray of violet light. This plant is very balancing for the energy system as a whole. It has the great ability to harmonize both high and low energies, regulating the flow of Qi. 
Lavender harmonizes the physical, etheric and astral bodies, it is very soothing to the energy field. Gently cleansing the spirit, washing away stagnant energy and allowing the flow of new vitality to come in. This flower was grown in my garden with love and given back to the earth it came from after it’s service to this creation.

Awakening The Heart

Yagna ~ Alchemy Crystal Bowl of Heart Consciousness ~ Note of F #
The resonance of Yagna is heart consciousness. It’s alchemy is from the sacred ashes from Yagna ceremonies across the world, they have been infused into it’s crystal form. It holds the blessings of sacred offerings and the vibration of many of thousands of mantra and prayer. The ashes from these sacred fires carry high heart frequencies of blessings and prayers. This energy is transmitted through sound vibration, assisting in the absorption of higher truth and wisdom from the heart centre. An interesting fact about # sharp noted bowls; is they have an extra layer of energy they deliver through sonic wave to the endocrine points in the body for physical healing. The the note of F# plays directly to the thymus gland, which boosts the immunity in the physical body and at the same creates a energetic protective shield for the heart. The note of F is also known as one of the harmonic’s of the 5th frequency for used for balancing and centring. The size of the bowl also plays in the whole energy system delivery, this is a 6” inch bowl which is powerful for accelerating the alchemy’s explained above as well as the flowers energy.

White Peony that was used in this flower essence was a massive bloom, filling the entire bowl with its beauty and deep wisdom. The energy they created together was an unique expression of Self love and transformation of on a Soul level. Awakening the subtle energies of the heart and opening one to the ancient one within. This flower was grown in my garden with love and given back to the earth after it’s service to this creation.

Speak Your Truth

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Pink Aura Gold ~Note of G 
A high frequency of love resonates from this Alchemy Crystal Bowl. The radiant healing energy of gold awakens the heart, delivering unconditional and courageous love. This bowl is a channel for the energy of Mary Magdalene to come through in frequency. The note she sings is G activating the Throat Chakra within Etheric template of the human energy field. A powerful portal in the energy system, where our human blueprint exists. There are so many layers of intelligence I could share about this one instrument of resonance, but it's better understood through frequency. Sound is energy in motion and its something the body inherently knows, it's within us already.

Rose the queen of the florals and the symbol for the soul. Mystical rose is the most precious of all heavenly scents, caring forth the vibration of l o v e.

Pink Peony restores unconditional love for the self, supporting transformation of the soul.  The vibrational energy of this flower lends us the ability to perceive subtle energies.  Allowing one to connect deeply within to sense their true nature and enhancing awareness to life’s purpose.

Theses flowers were grown in my garden with love and given back to the earth after service to this creation.


Alchemy Crystal Bowl Aura Aqua Gold ~ Note of B

This powerful gold alchemy crystal bowl assists the overly analytical mind as it transmutes blockages that cause disharmony within. Very connected to the spiritual plane this energy quickly entrains the auric fields for shifting and cleansing. With its wonderful yang energy it acts as an alignment activator for manifestation of intentions. The alchemy of gold is that its used as a healer’s tool as well as an element of the heart, used to awaken Anahata chakra the seat of the Soul. All upper chakra's are activated and cleared with this divine healing source.

My Aura Aqua Gold Alchemy Crystal Bowl was inscribed with Arcturian Light Language in 2018. Channelled by the beautiful soul Yantara Jiro. This was a powerful energetic offering of channelling & activation gifted to this crystal bowl to enhance its already profound knowledge.

Another special note about this sonic tool is that it has grown with the birth of the flower essence it helped create. When receiving the upgrade from Yantara, we were told it needed to be in deep connection with nature and that this energy was guided by 3 light masters in the form of Dragons. The sound frequency of this bowl has always been beautiful and deep, but it had been a challenging bowl to play. Now it sings with grace and ease, as it too has been SEEN in all of its intricacies.

Delphinium the energy of this flower is all about boundaries, energetic reinforcement, tolerance of others. It also lends it’s energy to us to allow the gift of being truly SEEN in our most exquisite form, to be comfortable in our own skin and all aspects of our humanity. Once we are able to fully embody our authentic self, we are FREE . . . Liberated . . . No longer seeking from external sources, we know and have everything from within. 

Please email me at nicolenicholson16@gmail.com to place an order for pick up.

Flower Elixirs are $33.00 Each