The Alchemy of Crystal Frequency

Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing human beings have used and explored over the millenniums.  A sound meditation with alchemy crystal quartz bowls is a transcendent experience, the benefits you will receive are literally infinite.  During alchemy crystal meditation the mind is open and receptive to intuitive knowledge and intelligence from the unified field.  This guided meditation allows us access to our innate intelligence, where we can be in a state of full receivership.  The shifts that occur within the energy field of the mind and body are profound. 

To begin to understand how sound frequency affects the body we can start by saying we are all energy.  Everything around us is energy, we are energetic beings, and we are held and very much apart of universal intelligence.

The basic units of energy are light and sound. The energy of light and sound moves frequency. The sound waves that crystal bowls create are also frequency that travels the energy system of our bodies, through the energy centers of the body, the chakras.

When our energy system is in alignment we are connected and in flow with the universal energies.  If we are unbalanced in our energy fields, we are disconnected from ourselves and the energetic field that we are a part of.  When the system as a whole is in alignment we are in a state of coherency, in both mind and body.  Functioning as a whole we are enabled to receive innate intelligence from within, where the body knows on a cellular level and the mind is connected to universal truths. 

Receiving alchemy of crystal sound will shift our energy field and brain frequency.  As sound waves enter the human energy field they create a current of energy that spirals up and that surrounds the body and layers of the energetic field.  The frequency travels the conduit of the spine, energetically known as the sushumna nadi, streaming energy along the main energy channel of our bodies to effect the whole chakra system and outward through the neural network, to be dispersed throughout the body’s energy meridian system and then surrounding the human energy field. 

We respond to the energy of the crystal bowls because we too are energy.  Our energy centers, the chakras are centered along the spine and the core of the body, beginning at the tailbone and ascending to the crown of the head.  This includes the seven major energy centers of the body as following: 1 Root, 2 Sacral, 3 Solar Plexus, 4 Heart, 5 Throat, 3rd Eye 6, Crown 7.  Each of our chakras has a corresponding note or sound, the root is the note of C, Sacral is the note of D, Solar Plexus is E, Heart is F, Throat is G, 3rd Eye is A, Crown is B.  There are also energy centers and notes that are above and below the Root and Crown chakras. 

As you can see we are built much like a musical instrument.  Therefore we respond to sound and energy very well, as like energy attracts like energy. 

When the crystal bowls are played frequency and sound are emitted, this energy travels in sound waves.  Each crystal bowl plays a specific sound note and then 4 tones above and below this note.  The spiraling sound waves seek out the like notes in our energy body to be played one by one, note by note, moving through the bodies whole energetic structure.  When the waves encounter a blockage in the body, sound vibrations begin the process of aligning and entraining; to create like vibration and frequency in the energy center that requires balancing.  It could be said you are being “tuned in”.  This spiral wave makes its way up the body balancing, and tuning the body back into harmony. 

The brain waves synchronize with the spiraling sound waves, beginning to slow down in frequency.  In our awake and alert state the brain functions at a Beta level: 20 cps (cycles per second).  The sound vibration of crystal bowls shift the brain frequency down from Beta (20 cps), to Alpha and on to Theta, which is 6-4 cps.  Also, when we are experiencing a beta brain cycle we are functioning mostly from the left hemisphere of the brain, where we are highly analytical and reasoning, in order to be functional in our daily tasks. 

When the brain is receiving sound frequency from the crystal bowls we are heavily stimulated in the right hemisphere of the brain. We are in deep creative space and non-local, this is where you may have the experience of a dream like state or out of body experience. Where we are also able to gain knowledge through transmission, downloading or channelling information. There is no association with language; we see images, colours and symbols as forms of communication. The body knows on a cellular level and the mind is connected to unified truths.

We can have profound experiences in sound meditation when the body and mind are guided to a place of total receptivity. The frequency of the crystal bowls will create a whole brain state when we can completely rest into sound alone. We are receiving on an energetic level to shift and balance the energy bodies within and also connecting to the unified field of intelligence, the matrix. In ascended states of consciousness we can transcend 3rd dimensional boundaries, we are limitless and connected all at once, we are whole. 

When we experience the wholeness that we are, the brain has gone global.  Both right and left hemispheres and the brain have synchronized.  We experience a shift from linear thought expression to one of global perception.  Instead of isolated clusters of neural activity, here and there, the whole brain lights up.  The mind is unified, global, and experiences wholeness.

In this state of complete coherence, consciousness is being given the opportunity to reflect onto itself, to process and integrate what it is experiencing.  The body is as if in a deep sleep, breathing slows, heart rate slows, blood pressure drops.  The crystal bowls act as gentle guides, to lead you through levels of frequency, bands of energy and layers of consciousness.  

You will experience amplified energy, shifts in your perception and physical being with crystal frequency.  There are many layers to sound frequency, energy and sound meditation.  Alchemy crystal bowls are powerful tools in shifting energy fields and receiving higher states of consciousness, tuning us into all that we are connected to. Our consciousness is apart of our human energy field and we have the very real ability to be conscious creators in our lives and to access our own healing.  In ascended states of consciousness we can transcend third dimensional boundaries, where we become limitless, connected and whole.


60 minute offering $85

90 minute offering $120


In addition to your time with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls you will also receive:

Plant Wisdom as part of every sound offering.

Yoga Nidra will be included with a 90 minute crystal bowl session.